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Although I looked at these series from last to first.. I did enjoy them so much.. I can't believe how much I've missed out in just a few days! These series of photos are just amazing! thanks so much for sharing!


Oh gosh, I wish I had known about this! I would've loved to check out the artists in action! Lovely pics!

kai b

i like artsy fartsy events!! there's a lot of talented artists in all forms of media there. magaling!


Looks like a lot of fun. I especially like the photo of the people walking down and eating ice cream.


Mural paintings along the streets are something I vividly remember about the Philippines. (Went there once)

It's very cool. =)


for the uninitiated, i forgot to mention that "Reposo" is the old name of the street, hence Grupo Reposo.


this photos brought out some smile in me. i spent 2 years working in that small bldg at the right-hand side of the top photo, and every spot in this street is still fresh in my memory. that very tiny sidewalk(notice the first painter's left foot resting in it), would challenge anyone walking briskly specially when it's raining. and it's risky too, you'll never know when a stupid driver would hit you with his/her side mirror from behind, lol =) oh! and yeah, that wall is actually hiding the makati public cemetery =) thanks, sidney!


Kudos for the great pics (as always).

Here's to more street festivals! More events that celebrate creativity, places and the passage of time! More events that bring people out to reclaim the streets!


It's nice to see older folks doing the painting on the wall oppose to those young ones we have here. LOL

Looking at all your pictures makes me want to go back to the Philippines. I love the kind of pictures you capture, they're telling a story...a story I've never knew about...great job!


Wonderful colors. I love the variety of themes and styles. I would love to see more shots of the subject, and maybe a crop of the center-right part of the upper image...

Uncover Japan

Lovely images


I love murals and street painting. If only such things are allowed in Singapore...


was anyone allowed to join in the painting? did you have a go? looks like a lot of fun. nicely captured.


I'd love to be painting that mural! It looks so colourful against the city backdrop.


Hey, great shots.
Love the wall painting, and the foursome with the tents in the background, looks like a simple photo, but you got the composition just right.


I like the how the colors contrast in your shots.

David Kapp

This sounds like a great event, especially the mural painting. I'd love to find an event like this in my area. I hope you have a lot more pictures to share :)

Smoove D

I like the mural shot, although generally my taste in murals runs to those done with a Krylon. I also like the shot of the four people and how they're absorbed in everything but you.


nice pictures. its a good thing it didn't rain much or else the festival would be ruined.


I also really like the mural photograph. I love watching art being created.


awesome activities...the mural paint is great...i like to do that it's fun and good for learning how to work wt group of people...great capture:-)


I love all the people working away on the mural - a lovely colourful sight - and it helps people becoe creative which can only be good.

Anna Aspnes

I like the muriel one. The art looks kind of modern yet the artists clearly are not - Nice combination!

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